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SEXY Brand


About SEXY

Here at SEXY Brand our mission is to change the meaning of the word sexy into a much more wholesome and healthy one. Here’s how we define sexy!….

sex-y /’sekse/ (adj)

healthy, caring, compassionate, intelligent,
joyful, humorous, balanced, talented, humble,
athletic, creative, optimistic, inspiring, sustainable

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Fly to St. Barts in Style

Make your vacation to St. Barts even more exceptional by arriving in style aboard SEXYjet. Return to the romanticism and thrill of flying in our privately chartered plane. With a unique, eye-catching aesthetic and stylish, high-end interior, every flight you book with SEXYjet will be a signature, memorable experience.

When you book with SEXYjet, you not only enjoy a fun, unique, and top-notch air travel experience, you join us in our endeavors to redefine sexy. Being SEXY is all about being good to yourself and to others, being humble and compassionate—knowing that by doing so you can’t be more SEXY!

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